The perils of losing your wallet…

After what seemed like a long day, I arrived home to realize that the dress I’ve been wanting to order online was once again available in my size and color (happy dance!). As I excitedly threw it into my cart and got ready to check out, I reached into my rather large purse and realized my wallet was no longer there. Insert small moment of panic. My first thought was not, “oh no…where did I leave it?” but rather “why don’t I have my credit card number memorized?!?!?!?”

Fast forward about an hour. I was unable to remember a credit card number and I only had old credit cards saved on that account (and credit card numbers are not available on credit card statements). I assumed (or was hoping) I had just left my wallet at work and was able to get a hold of a friend still on campus. Unfortunately, she was unable to get into my office. After driving to campus (I’m sure a passport can pass as a driver’s license if need be) a nice  campus security officer let me in my office and I did find my wallet. It was sitting on the front desk, next to a Girl Scout cookie order form (darn). I took that as a sign…

Nonetheless, my penguins are safe, I was unable to get the dress (color and size already sold out. Sad face.), and I have two boxes of thin mints coming end of the month. If you’re nice, I may share.

Moral of the story: I’m memorizing my credit card numbers. Or rather, I won’t be leaving my wallet at work.


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