Randomness and a letter


These babies will be going in the freezer…nothing beats a frozen thin mint…

Uh oh...

And I was just at the gym…could someone explain to me why many male personal trainers are very attractive. I guess it’s a nice eye-candy bonus when I’m working out.

Now for that letter:

Dear Papa,

I was at the gym swimming today and in the lane next to me was a little girl taking a swim lesson. I thought of you and wanted to say thank you. If it weren’t for you, I’m not sure I would have been swimming in the lane next to her. You taught me how to swim, how to go underwater. More importantly, how to love the water and the lake. I’m also pretty sure the little girl would have reminded you of me when I was little and you were giving me swim lessons. Giggling, splashing…and thinking I couldn’t swim as far as you wanted me to…or swim underwater. I’ll always miss you…and always think of you when I’m in the water (pool, lake, river), swimming, skiing, or just staring at it.

Thank you, for not only the swim lessons, but all the lessons. All the memories. All the laughs.

Love you always,



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