St. Patricks Day the new Halloween?

Could somebody please inform me when St. Patrick’s became the new Halloween? I understand navy being the new black and 40 being the new 30…but really, full out costumes on St. Patrick’s Day? I’m still trying to understand how/when St. Patrick became the Saint of binge drinking, although I may just forgo figuring that one out…

I really wish I had pictures to share. However, my friends would have probably looked at me really funny and I’m not sure if I could have been ‘oh so subtle’ in taking said pictures. Instead, I’ll just share. Also, please note that all of these observations were taken before 7pm on St. Patrick’s Day. If I had stayed out later, I’m sure things would have been much more interesting.

  • Please save your spandex for the gym. Actually, if it’s green sparkly (and just a funky fit) or green leopard-y, please just leave it at home. Preferably in the trash can at the curb.
  • Be sure to look at your backside when leaving the house. This applies to all days, actually. If you have a white, see-through skirt on that barely covers your butt cheeks, I may recommend changing. Especially if you are planning on being outside on a semi-windy day.
  • I’m not sure how Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz fits in with St. Patrick’s Day, even if you do just make her dress green and polka dotted.
  • Tights that have shamrocks on them. Those are cute. Unless paired with a skirt that is just a bit too small. My recommendation: not shopping in the toddler section as an adult.
  • Green necklaces/beads = good. Green necklaces/beads with four-leaf clovers = good. Green necklaces/beads with pot leaves = FAIL. Let’s go back to grade-school where we learned what four-leaf clovers looked like and how they were associated with this holiday.
  • Elf ears. I’m not even sure what to say.

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If I’ve learned anything, St. Patrick’s Day is great for people watching. And people will never cease to surprise me in outfit choices. My final recommendation: stick with the basic shorts/jeans and top, having one of the two be green. You won’t get pinched by not wearing green…and you won’t serve as my entertainment either.


Falafel – take one

I tried making falafel. It may have been better if I had actually followed the recipe but I didn’t want to fry them. They may have also turned out better if I could actually get the blender or food processor to completely blend everything. Now I have falling apart falafels with whole chick peas and large pieces of fava bean spread throughout. They don’t taste too bad though…


I think I’ll stick to using the falafel mixes from now on. And then I’ll post that recipe…