Bachelor Pad

Generally when one hears the ¬†phrase “bachelor pad” you picture a guy, possibly some friends, living in an apartment with very few furnishings. Usually what comes to mind is the presence of a large TV, maybe some college paraphernalia (generally from their alma mater), and a lack of seating (or creative seating…a few five gallon pails flipped over, a miscellaneous chair randomly placed).

In other words, when you’re a student, or fresh out of school, you go to your buddy’s place expecting it to be ‘standing room only’ with the TV as a centerpiece.

When you hear of a (generally well put-together) young woman living in her one-bedroom apartment, “bachelor pad” doesn’t jump to the forefront. I’d like to prove you wrong.

See, I’m kind of living the bachelor pad life right now (hopefully only temporary). The only seating I have in my living room is my desk chair. And my bike, if that counts…but it’s not at all comfortable. I did just make my first new TV purchase. Slightly larger than what I needed but it does look good and it is probably the centerpiece of my living room right now (disclaimer: my last TV purchase was a probably a 25″ tube TV. It was at least color). In true Michigan alumni style, the first item to go up on the wall was my Michigan flag (I have my priorities). Yes, I like to prove stereotypes wrong.

I type this as I’m sitting in my desk chair, having just finished watching Sparty beat Boise State (yes, I was hoping that outcome would be reversed). Hopefully I will pick up a (free) loveseat later this week and be able to leave my bachelor pad living behind. I do still need bar stools for my bar-height table though…oh dear.

It’s been fun but I’ll be honest, a comfortable couch wouldn’t be bad. And a place to eat other than my desk would be a plus.

In the meantime…


GO BLUE! Beat ‘Bama!