A roller coaster week…

Emotionally that is…

I don’t even know where to begin…as my brain has lost its ability to think…

Last Friday I got an e.mail offering me a summer research position with a company I would like to work with. No, I did not apply for this. It was 110% unexpected. Yes, I did want to take this opportunity.

Sunday, the US Coast Guard Command Center in St. Pete called me. My friend’s paddle board had been found. He wasn’t with it.

Monday: The search was still going on. My advisor/boss yelled at me, accusing me of having been planning on this position (even though I had been planning my summer in Tampa), in addition to many other things. Ensue crying. Finally get her to sign off…I’m moving to Michigan in less than a week. Ensue small panic

Monday night, the search was suspended. My friend hadn’t been found.

Wednesday: My friend’s vigil. I still can’t believe he’s gone. I kept thinking he would just show up; he never did. Why are some chosen to leave this Earth much too early?

Thursday: Oh yeah, I’m moving to Michigan on Sunday. I should probably pack up my life, in addition to seeing everyone before I leave. And getting work done. And dealing with life.


Happy Easter!

Yes, I know Easter was technically yesterday but Happy Easter anyway! Better late than never, right? I wasn’t able to spend it with my family as they left the day before. Although the four wonderful days I was able to spend with them were fantastic…wouldn’t have traded them for anything!! I realized how much I love being able to spend time with my mom, grandma, and little brother. Miss you guys!

Even though I wasn’t with family, I was able to spend some of my Easter with a wonderful friend. Nothing is better than starting the day at church with some friends (and seats!!). I will also add, I’ve never had to stand in line waiting to get in to church…until today…

Sacred Heart Church, Tampa, FL

Church was followed by lunch with a fantastic water view and a great friend! The walk out onto the pier was just an added bonus. I have to say, I really feel blessed!

Thank you, Instagram. Ballast Point, Tampa


View of downtown Tampa