My cooking style. And some broccoli.

There is actually a recipe here! A few things about me before I get to that…:

  • I generally use recipes more for ideas than exact directions. In other words, I don’t like measuring cups and spoons when I’m cooking. There’s a time and place for those and it’s not dinner.
  • Those measuring cups? Yah, I definitely use them for baking.
  • I love olive oil. Really, need I say more? It’s good for you, right?
  • I cook with wine. Meaning there is usually a glass of wine that I sip on as I cook + eat.
  • I’m Italian, and learned to cook from my mom and nonna. This combination may actually explain a lot of things, including my love for olive oil and wine, my inability to measure things as I cook, and my propensity for dinners to be last-minute and involve whatever I can throw together with what’s on hand.
  • Sometimes I get too into the cooking that I don’t always take pictures along the way…you may just get the final product.
  • I’m not a fan of really intricate recipes – I believe good, healthy food doesn’t have to take hours to make.

Moving on…

The other night I made roasted broccoli and sweet potatoes. The recipe landed in my e.mail a few days ago so I thought I’d give it try. I had the broccoli and sweet potatoes from my last trip to the produce market and I really just had to run out and grab rosemary. Yes, if I were awesome, I would have stepped out on my porch/patio/whatever you want to call it and picked rosemary out of my herb garden. I’m not that awesome. And I definitely don’t have a green thumb.

Excuse the really bad picture but this would be my last attempt at growing basil + parsley. Please note the brown (dead) stalks on the basil plant.

About that recipe. What you need is:

  • Broccoli (I used about 2 heads, chopped into florets)
  • Sweet potato (I used one average size)
  • Garlic (couple cloves?)
  • Rosemary
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Olive Oil

Once you have all that, you can start by cutting the sweet potato up into chunks – however big or small you like, just make sure they are about the same size. Toss that with a drizzle of olive oil (it doesn’t need to be coated), rosemary (chopped; I used about 1 sprig), and garlic. Put it all onto a baking sheet (I put my baking mat on the pan), add a little salt and pepper, then it goes into a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. While that’s roasting, cut the broccoli heads up into florets. When the buzzer for the potatoes goes off, add the broccoli to the mix, along with a little extra olive oil. It heads back into the oven for another 20 minutes or so and comes out like this…

And that, my friends, is it. Delicious, I might add. The sweet potatoes were definitely sweet and reminded me of the sweet potato dishes Thanksgiving (that are made with sugar and all other sorts of healthiness I’m sure).

Now onto those two papers I need to write.